Good news from around the country. Photo: vetrestudio/Canva

Welcome to our weekly column, News is Good, where we feature positive news about the LGBTQ+ community. Too much of what we see in mainstream media coverage focuses on the challenges we face and not the celebrations. Here are five things we’re excited about this week.

New Jersey Library board pushes back against group trying to ban LGBTQ+ inclusive books. Book bans are a topic of much discussion the last couple years, but the Glen Ridge Library Board has refused to bow to pressure. A group called “Citizens Defending Education” proposed banning six books, including “It’s Not the Stork” by Robie H. Harris and “All Boys Aren’t Blue” by George M. Johnson. The attempted banning inspired “Glen Ridge United Against Book Bans” and 100 members of the community to show their support. The board voted to keep all the books on the shelves.

Circuit Breaker uses the powers of entropy and inertia, referred to as “still force” in the DC Universe. Photo: DC

DC Comics introduces trans nonbinary hero, Circuit Breaker. Jules Jordain, aka Circuit Breaker, makes his debut in next week’s “Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate #1.” Jules, who uses he/they pronouns, has “still force,” which essentially allows them to negate motion. “Dark Fate” will be available in comic book stores and online Feb. 14.

PROUD Academy to open in Connecticut. Founded by educator Patricia Nicolari, who experienced harassment for being gay throughout her teaching career, PROUD stands for Proudly Respecting Our Unique Differences. The school for grades 7-10 will provide a bully-free and welcoming environment for all in Hartford, CT. Parents can begin the process of enrollment now for the fall semester.

YouTube video

British queer coming-of-age movie “Sweetheart” is now available on VOD and digital. “Sweetheart” picked up several awards during its festival run in 2021 and is finally available in wide release. The film follows awkward lesbian teen AJ (Nell Barlow) as she reluctantly joins her family on a seaside holiday. What she anticipates will be a week of misery is suddenly turned around when she meets lifeguard Isla (Ella-Rae Smith). 

Suzanne Ford officially named executive director of San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Committee. Ford stepped in to become interim ED in February 2022 and has been permanently instated. Ford, a transgender woman, has been on the committee board since 2018 and received the Trans Day of Visibility Legacy Award in 2022.

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