Ready for some good news? Photo: Steve A. Johnson/Canva

Welcome to our weekly column, News is Good, where we feature positive news about the LGBTQ+ community. Too much of what we see in mainstream media coverage focuses on the challenges we face and not the celebrations. Here are a few things we’re excited about this week.

Grand Haven, Michigan, to celebrate first ever Pride Festival and proclamation from the city. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan and south of Muskegon, Grand Haven will hold its first Pride festival, June 10. This week, the Grand Haven City Council declared June Pride Month in the city in a special proclamation. According to MLive, the proclamation says, “Celebrating Pride Month influences awareness and provides support and advocacy for Grand Haven’s LGBTQ community, and is an opportunity to take action and engage in dialogue to strengthen alliances, build acceptance and advance equal rights.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” join ACLU for special Empire State Building lighting. Season eight’s contestants joined American Civil Liberties Union’s Trans Justice Campaign Manager, LaLa Holston- Zannell, for the lighting of the Empire State Building in anticipation of the season premiere. According to a press release, “In the face of threats and censorship against drag performers, World of Wonder created the first-ever Drag Defense Fund with a donation from MTV and ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race.’ The fund also supports the ACLU’s LGBTQ rights work.”

A new, joyful queer coloring book. “Heteronormative platitudes got you down?” asks author Joe Carlough and illustrator Ally Shwed. The duo has teamed up to create “The Queer Affirmations Coloring Book,” a coloring book filled with queer-centric images and affirmations for tough days. Available through shipping now or in stores Nov. 7, the book is published by Microcosm Publishing in Portland, Oregon. 

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Queer film “You Can Live Forever” finally available in limited release and VOD. After hitting the festival circuit, including Tribeca, the critically acclaimed film about a lesbian teen sent to live in a devout Jehovah’s Witness community is available on Apple+ and in select theaters.