The first News is Good of Pride month! Photo: TC Franco/Canva

Welcome to our weekly column, News is Good, where we feature positive news about the LGBTQ+ community. Too much of what we see in mainstream media coverage focuses on the challenges we face and not the celebrations. Here are a few things we’re excited about this week.

Outfest Outfronts begin today. The annual celebration of all things LGBTQ+ in television kicks off today. Part of the Outfest film festival, the Outfronts are screening free panels with casts from queer-inclusive shows like “Our Flag Means Death,” “Somebody Somewhere” and “9-1-1: Lonestar.” offers 2023 Queer Games Bundle featuring over 400 games. Indie game website is offering a special bundle of games and more by LGBTQ+ artists and creators just in time for Pride. The bundle costs $60 and includes “over 450 games, software, and zines from nearly 300 queer artists across” For those who need it, offers a sliding scale option starting at $20. 

Amelia Possanza’s new book “Lesbian Love Story: A Memoir In Archives” out now. Published by Catapult, Possanza focuses on the love stories of seven couples throughout history, from B.C. to modern day. The blurb for the book says, “this is Possanza’s journey into the archives to recover the personal histories of lesbians in the twentieth century: who they were, how they loved, why their stories were destroyed, and where their memories echo and live on.” Available wherever you buy your books.

Former Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Marquez Dee comes out as bisexual in magazine interview. This week, in an interview with Philippine fashion magazine MEGA, the actress and model shared her truth. Dee told the magazine, “I’ve been an advocate for LGBTQIA+ for as long as I can remember. Even before coming out, I’ve been attending pride marches. I have too many friends and best friends in the community. I’ve been a loud and proud ally. It’s just that I never gave a confirmation.”