Want to learn more about LGBTQ+ issues? Check out these online learning classes. Photo: LinkedIn/unsplash

Want to learn more about the LGBTQ+ experience or explore subjects like intersectionality and issues in the workplace? Check out these six classes you can take completely online for free or less than $40. Professionals in their fields in healthcare, education, diversity and inclusion and even writing, offer their expertise in courses that last anywhere from a few hours to six weeks. 

Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity

This course from the University of Colorado available through Coursera has scored high marks with participants. “This is a highly insightful course on being in the loop in current sexuality and gender identity issues,” one student said in a review of the six-week-long course. Taught by Jacob McWilliams, K. Mohrman and Daryl Boyd, the course focuses on the “history of LGBTQ identities, experiences, and activism” and with a focus on key events in LGBTQ+history and how those events “have helped shape broader conversations about civil rights, equality, and justice.”

Cost: Free

Health Across the Gender Spectrum

While this course is sponsored by the Stanford School of Medicine, anyone with an interest in LGBTQ+ health care, in particular the treatment and support of trans youth, are welcome to take the course. This week-long course offers “story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families” and is recommended for “anyone who cares about children and wants to make the world better for them.” 

Cost: Free

Out and Proud: Approaching LGBT Issues in the Workplace

This short 19 minutes Linkedin Learning class features LGBTQ+ issues that may come up in a workplace environment. Participants earn a Linkedin Learning certificate. Taught by Jacqui Lloyd, the course delves into why “diversity and inclusion matters for businesses, how professionals who identify as LGBT can feel more confident about coming out at work, and how allies can help create a more inclusive work environment.” While this course is intended more for allies, it can be a quick and helpful way for your office or workplace to get on the same page when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues. 

Cost: Free with Linkedin Learning trial

Queer Experiments in Memoir

Considering writing a memoir? Join memoirist and author Stephen Van Dyck in this UCLA extension online course all about queer storytelling, including technical writing advice about timelines, shaping stories and analysis of other works. According to the description of the class, “Queer stories not only offer readers the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, they also give queer people the chance to see themselves in ways they never have before.” The class takes three hours and will next be offered in November. 

Cost: Free

Understanding Transgender Fundamentals

Presented by Powered by Rainbows and Udemy, participants in this three-hour course will learn how to be better allies to transgender friends, family members, colleagues and students. According to Powered by Rainbows, the course will help participants “understand the gender spectrum, and the science of being trans, get advice from trans experts, know your rights, and help you or your loved ones find their gender easier.” It also tackles topical issues like trans athletes in sports and bathroom bills, preparing those enrolled to better engage in helpful conversation on the subjects. 

Cost: $19.99 with lifetime access to course materials

Inclusion, Equality and Belonging: A Starter Kit to Understanding Social Justice and Diversity

Created by Peace in Action’s Dr. Gerri Budd and Professor Donnalynn Scillieri, this Udemy course offers a Certificate of Completion and tackles “socially constructed systems of oppression, patriarchy, racism, classism, gender biases, and heterosexism” and prepares participants to have meaningful conversations about intersectionality, cultural competency and bias in the workplace and beyond. 

Cost: $39.99 with lifetime access to course materials

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