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Get connected to LGBTQ+ news from across the nation, in your inbox once a week.

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A call for activists

When I moved to Dallas in 1992, I volunteered for several nonprofit organizations: I stacked food on the AIDS Resource Center food pantry shelves. I was an HIV counselor at the Nelson Teredo Community Clinic. I created four monthly newsletters. I sat on the boards of the Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance, Couples Metro Dallas […]

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In praise of Drag Story Hour

Drag Story Hours have really come to the fore in our political consciousness in the last few years, as the radical right has strategically targeted events raising the visibility of individuals who are gender-nonconforming, transgender or nonbinary. I’m glad to say I’ve been to a Drag Story Hour (DSH). It was a joyous, but innocuous-seeming […]

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The power of queer obituaries

I enjoy reading the obituaries.  You’re likely thinking, this person is a wackadoodle.  I get why this strikes many as morbid. Yet, strange as it probably seems, few things are more life-affirming than obits. Particularly, for the LGBTQ+ community. Obituaries are far from dole, death-obsessed dirges. They are (pun intended) lively stories of lives:  Composer […]

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The fight continues

In the 53-plus years since the Stonewall Riots, the LGBTQ+ community has made tremendous strides. Progress came slowly at first; in the 1980s through the early 1990s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic largely diverted our attention and efforts away from fighting for equality and focused us instead on just trying to stay alive and keep our friends […]

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Responsible voting and reporting: A recipe for democracy

Winston Churchill famously said, “It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government—except all the others that have been tried.” Democracy has been especially exhausting in recent memory. Mainstream media has locked Americans into a perpetual election cycle: Once a president, for example, is sworn in, speculation begins on the outcomes of […]

Posted inArts and Entertainment

Did “Bros” fail at the box office because it didn’t market to the LGTBQ+ community?

Believe it or not, you made it through another year. But wait, it’s not that time of year yet, right? There’s Halloween and Thanksgiving and, gee, something called the Midterm Elections to get through. If you don’t believe this columnist, turn on the Hallmark Channel. They’ve already started the holiday romantic comedy festival, and when […]

Posted inNews

Asian Americans lead the fight against hate crimes in California

In September, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law two bills that address the unprecedented number of bias incidents and hate crimes in the state. Initially aimed to confront the rise of such cases against Asian American and Pacific Islanders, the laws will also aid in defense of LGBTQs, who have experienced a similar increase. It’s an example of the importance of allies and cooperation among victimized communities to provide the means to combat harassing comments and violent behavior spurred by racial/sexual slurs, conspiracy theories, and political rhetoric.

Posted inFeatured

Why having LGBTQ+ people in office matters

Representation matters. It matters everywhere, from the actors people see in movies to the teachers who impart knowledge to the politicians who determine the laws that shape our lives. The results can be overwhelmingly beneficial, helping underrepresented people to connect with each other and reducing negative stereotypes.  Few people can understand the aforementioned benefits better […]

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