It's Pride season and lots of brands are vying for the LGBTQ+ community's attention. Photo: Canva

Whenever June rolls around, your social media feeds begin to fill up with brands and businesses looking to join in on the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. With so many brands competing for your pink money, how do you know who is actually working with the community to make a difference, or simply participating in rainbow capitalism?

One way is to make sure those sneakers or rainbow glitter bath bomb brands actually partner with LGBTQ+ nonprofits. Many brands will donate a small percentage of their profits to a nonprofit or LGBTQ+ organization, but some are putting their corporate dollars to bigger and better use. Here are eight Pride products where 100% of profits are going back to the community or the brand is making a significant contribution to an LGBTQ+ nonprofit.

It’s time for Pride. Photo: Fossil

Fossil’s Limited Edition Pride Neutra Three-Hand Black Eco Leather Watch ($130)

Fossil’s classic watch style features Pride imagery on the front and the Progress Flag designed by Daniel Quasar on the back. Rainbow and trans flag watch straps are also available. 100% of proceeds for the month of June will go to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides mental health and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ+ youth.

A snack perfect for Pride. Photo: Bobo’s

Bobo’s Pride Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt Oat Bar (6 pack for $14.95)

This Boulder, Colorado-based snack bar business is really putting their money where your mouth is. Bobo’s is donating 100% of sales of this special edition Pride bar to their local LGBTQ+ organization, The Center on Colfax and PFLAG, the national organization for LGBTQ+ people and their families. The bars themselves are gluten-free and non GMO.

Razors for everyone. Photo: Harry’s

Harry’s and Flamingo’s Face & Body Shave Set ($10)

The popular razor company worked with artist Ohni Lisle to create packaging on the kit that contains a special Pride edition handle plus stickers also designed by Lisle. 100% of profits go to The Trevor Project.

All shade, no tea. Photo: Blenders

Blenders’ Pride North Park X2 Sunglasses ($69)

Blenders has risen to fame thanks to their Instagram-worthy shades and this June they designed a version you’re sure to see at many a parade and festival. The lenses are rainbow mirrored with metal and rainbow stems. Blenders is going local with their contribution, donating 100% of profits to San Diego Pride.

Adding a little sparkle. Source: Fancy Sprinkles

Fancy Sprinkles’ Binary and Beyond Fancy Sugar ($12-$20)

Another Instagram famous brand, Fancy Sprinkles, is known their whimsical take on sprinkles with inventive mixes like Unicorn Barf and Roller Disco. For Pride, they have designed a limited edition sugar mix called Binary and Beyond featuring “an ethereal blend of pearlescent multi-colored sugar crystals and nonpareils flecked with mini edible gold glitter stars.” 100% of proceeds will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, which works to protect and defend the rights of Black transgender individuals.

A cap for riding in style. Source: Chrome X

Chrome Industry’s Gay’s Okay Cycling Cap ($30)

Known for their durable messenger bags and fashion made for city living, Chrome has a special cap for bicycling enthusiasts. The black cap comes with a rainbow stripe and Chrome logo, while the burgundy version features a trans flag heart. 100% of the sales will go to OutRight Action International, a nonprofit for LGBTQ+ rights worldwide.

Shine on with this palette. Source: Morphe

Morphe’s Love Shines Palette ($13)

If you are looking to serve this Pride, Morphe has you covered. Their nine shade eye shadow palette contains shimmer colors like Feel Seen and True Beauty. Morphe is donating 100% of profits from their entire Pride collection to The Trevor Project, with a minimum $50,000 donation.

Fashion for all this Pride. Source: Modcloth

Modcloth Pride Collection (various prices)

For vintage-style clothing lovers, Modcloth will be a familiar fashion brand. Their 2022 Pride collection has a variety of options from tops to accessories. Modcloth has partnered with the Trans Wellness Center, which provides resources to trans and nonbinary individuals. Modcloth will donate $100,000+ in clothing to the center through the month of June.

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