Heavily armed Coeur d’Alene police officers and Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputies in riot gear arrested half a dozen armed protestors, and a few self-labeled “street preachers” who were attempting to disrupt the “Pride in the Park” in Coeur d’Alene City Park which returned after a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic.

Creating concern for law enforcement and the Pride Alliance which sponsored the event was the counter-Pride rally held by the North Idaho motorcycle club, Panhandle Patriots Riding Club, which had announced the rally last month on the group’s Facebook page.

(Screenshot from Facebook)

Elenee Dao, a reporter from KXLY in Spokane, Wash., retweeted images of those detained by law enforcement from her colleague Aodhan Brown.

By looking up insignias and attire it looks like these men are all fascist Patriot Front members. @kxly4news https://t.co/T9CiQ0HH1W pic.twitter.com/QsqYwJwQao

— Aodhan Brown (@_ab_photojourn) June 11, 2022

BREAKING: Several people are in handcuffs here on the corner of Northwest Blvd and Garden Ave in Coeur d’Alene. There are sheriff SWAT members.

Working on getting more info. @kxly4news pic.twitter.com/h8PBLldSEQ

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) June 11, 2022

One mom I spoke says she’s trying to enjoy the event with her kids.

She says it’s important to be here, given today’s climate & the laws politicians are trying to pass re: LGBTQ+ rights.

To see those walking around with rifles with kids around is unsettling for her. @kxly4news pic.twitter.com/GghI6mTALS

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) June 11, 2022

People are enjoying themselves out here, regardless of the protesters.

A few people I talked with say this is their first pride festival because of COVID. They’re happy to celebrate their beliefs with others and don’t feel so alone. @kxly4news pic.twitter.com/a1b4JspBNT

— Elenee Dao KXLY (@Elenee_Dao) June 11, 2022

(Photo by Aodhan Brown/Twitter)

Freelance journalist Ford Fischer recorded some of the protestors as they moved through downtown Coeur d’Alene:

Live: Protesters, some armed, rally against pride event in Coeur d’Alene https://t.co/MSnv6bcrRH

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) June 11, 2022

Media reports indicate 31 people were arrested in total.

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